Peter Delhove

Executive Director


Peter is a Belgian and first worked for ADRA in Zambia in 1985.  

He then worked in the Private Sector in South Africa, until rejoining ADRA in South Sudan in 1995.  He has since worked with ADRA in Bosnia, Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar and the USA, before joining the  Regional Office.


Zivayi Nengomasha


Director for Programs and Planning

Zivayi, a Zimbabwean, is trained as an Animal Scientist. 

She joined ADRA in 2007 as the Programs Director to ADRA Zimbabwe. In 2009, she was appointed as the Country Director to ADRA Zimbabwe. In 2012, she joined the ADRA Africa Regional Office as the Director of Programs and Planning


Dibden Chileya 


Finance Director

Dibden, a Zambian citizen, is a trained Finance /Accounting Manager, he joined ADRA Zimbabwe in 2010 as the Finance Director. He was appointed in August 2015 as the Finance Director to the ADRA Africa Regional Office